Who am i?

I’m a mother living in New York City.   I probably have about 10,000 photos of my kids and my husband, but relatively few that include myself.  When I mentioned this problem to some fellow parents, I discovered that many families are in the same boat.  Where are the family photos?

My first experience as a photographer began on the other side of the camera when my father would take photos of my sisters and me.  Although he is a psychiatrist, he is a photographer at heart.  When my 3-year-old twins were born, it apparently activated some latent gene in my DNA and I somehow found time (in between double breast feeding sessions) to become obsessed with photography. 

Motherhood is an interesting phenomenon.  As my belly grew and I watched my body literally create life inside of me, I began to yearn for an outlet to express my creativity.  My background is in comedy and screenwriting but it’s kind of hard to work the stand-up circuit when you’ve got 67,000 diapers to change and two noses that need constant wiping.

Photography has given me the opportunity to explore the beauty, humor and grit of human interaction on a new stage… the family. My style can be best described as “documentary” in the sense that I aim to capture my clients within the context of authentic family life.  No one wants fake smiles and stiff poses.  (If you do, I think there’s still a Sears left somewhere on Long Island.) 

Invite me over and I promise that not only will I take fantastic pictures of your family but I’ll make sure you feel comfortable and at ease (especially those of you who hate to have your picture taken).  I’m basically a seven-year-old stuck in an adult’s body, so your kids will love me too!  You’ll never hear me say, “smile” before taking a picture though… you will already be smiling because you’re having so much fun. 


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