Who am i?

I’m a mother living in New York City.   I probably have about 10,000 photos of my kids and my husband, but relatively few that include myself.  When I mentioned this problem to some fellow parents, I discovered that many families are in the same boat.  Where are the family photos?

My first experience as a photographer began on the other side of the camera when my father would take photos of my sisters and me.  Although he is a psychiatrist, he is a photographer at heart.  When my now 6-year-old twins were born, it apparently activated some latent gene in my DNA and I somehow found time (in between double breast feeding sessions) to become obsessed with photography. 

Motherhood is an interesting phenomenon.  As my belly grew and I watched my body literally create life inside of me, I began to yearn for an outlet to express my creativity.  My background is in comedy and screenwriting but it’s kind of hard to work the stand-up circuit and pen a multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster hit movie when you’ve got two humans who are nothing shy of the cutest parasites you'll ever see, clinging to my soul and body 95% of the time:)

Photography has given me the opportunity to explore the beauty, humor and grit of human interaction on a new stage… the family. My style can be best described as “documentary” in the sense that I aim to capture my clients within the context of authentic family life.  No one wants fake smiles and stiff poses.  (If you do, I think there’s still a Sears left somewhere on Long Island.) 

Invite me over and I promise that not only will I take fantastic pictures of your family but I’ll make sure you feel comfortable and at ease (especially those of you who hate to have your picture taken).  I’m basically a seven-year-old stuck in an adult’s body, so your kids will love me too!  You’ll never hear me say, “smile” before taking a picture though… you will already be smiling because you’re having so much fun. 


                                  DOCUMENTING FAMILY, FRIENDS, LOVE & LIFE

Photo by: Raquel Frechette Photography

Photo by: Raquel Frechette Photography